Message from Our Executive Director

Greetings and Salutations,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Adaptive Lacrosse PA…the home of Pennsylvania’s Adaptive Lacrosse program for youth and adults with disabilities. Our first couple years of existence have so far been a whirlwind of sorts. The typical struggles that any new organization faces in their first years are not lost on us…in some ways they have hit us harder than others. However, the struggle to maintain and find a way for us to continue to offer the programming we do (while adding more in the coming months) is worth the fight when you see kids who would not have picked up lacrosse sticks without our involvement both play and more importantly enjoy the game of lacrosse.

This is why I lax. The look on someone’s face when they score that first goal is priceless. The smile on the faces of our participants at our clinics is golden. It brings a renewed vigor and energy to me as a coach and director. I want to see every child in PA have the opportunity to play and enjoy the Medicine Game.

We at Adaptive Lacrosse PA truly believe in our mission to bring lacrosse to players who would never have had an opportunity to play mainstream lacrosse, and to enhance the sport by reaching out to sectors that have not had access to the sport previously. I implore you, as a fellow lacrosse enthusiast and supporter of differently-abled individuals to join us in this endeavor. It is going to be one tremendously good time and once you volunteer or see us in action, you will be hooked for life. Please take a moment to check out our programs, our store where you can buy a shirt, a wristband, or make a donation, and come check out one of our events. We look forward to growing the sport of lacrosse in PA with you!

Thank you,

Scott Smith
Executive Director
Adaptive Lacrosse PA